Infrared Thermography Certification - Level 2

The Level 2 Infrared Thermography Certification course, educates thermographers in the application and practices required to attain Level 2 Thermography certification.
This course meets or exceeds the recommended training requirements of ASNT-TC-1A & ISO 18436-7 for Level 2 Thermal / Infrared Certification.  The course is 4.5 days in duration meeting the recommended 35 - 40 hours of formal training as proposed. The course is a good mixture of audio, visual, and kinetic presentation material. Consideration is given to active thermography and the theory related to it. We will also examine the costs associated with lost energy by radiation and the savings available with retrofit.
Certification will be granted to students who successfully complete the written requirements. Class size is limited to give maximum interaction between instructor and students.
Students are recommended to supply their own Thermography equipment, if the student doesn't have access to their own thermography equipment there will be systems available throughout the week.

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Level 2 Course Overview

Intermediate Thermal / Infrared Physics

Basic Thermal Physics

• Introduction to Temperature
• Matter
• Energy
• Temperature Measurement
• Temperature Scales

Basic Heat Transfer Theory

• Thermodynamics
• Conduction
• Convection
• Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation

• The Electromagnetic Spectrum
• Infrared Explained
• Introduction to Planck’s Curves

The Infrared Image

• How an Infrared Image is Produced
• Infrared Radiation Physics
• The Stephan Boltzmann Law
• Wein’s Law
• Planck’s Law
• Emissivity
• Emissivity Testing

Operating Your Equipment

• How Your Camera Works
• 3 Main Controls
• Focus
• Level
• Span
• Getting a Good Image Workshop
• Temperature Measurement Workshop

Imaging and Analysis Factors

• Inspection Techniques
• Atmospheric Attenuation
• Field of View
• Instantaneous Field of View
• Instantaneous Measurement Field of View
• Infrared Lenses
• Infrared Windows


• Introduction to Applications
• Reporting
• Electrical Inspections
• Mechanical Inspection
• Process Inspections
• Building Inspections
• Flat Roof Inspections
• Class Application Discussions


• General Software Discussion

Infrared Camera

• Focal Plane Arrays Explained
• Focal Plane Array Terms

Level 2 Examination