COX CN300 / CN600

Product Photo
ECU ( Electronic Control Unit )

Model name       CN300 / CN600


CN300     384x288

CN600     640x480

Spectral range   8-14µm

Sensor type   Un-cooled LWIR micro-bolometer

Sensor size(pixel pitch)   17µm

Thermal sensitivity   (NETD) <50mK @f1.0, 30Hz, 300K

Time to Image   Less than 5 sec.

Lens   8.1mm/ 15mm/ 19mm/ 25mm/ 35mm

Video output    2 BNC connector(composite), 1 HDMI

Video frame rate    

BNC connector(composite): NTSC 30Hz, PAL 25Hz

HDMI: Selectable(50Hz or 60 Hz)

Frame rate   9Hz / 30Hz (selectable at manufacturing stage)

Power consumption   12 ~ 24 VDC to ECU

Operating temperature    -30℃ to +8℃ for camera (installed outside of vehicle)    -20℃ to 70℃ for ECU

Impact protection/

Water resistance    ES95400 (Specification of Hyundai Motors Company)

EMI/EMC   ES95400 (Specification of Hyundai Motors Company)


(WxHxD, wt 8.1mm lens)   57x57x60.4mm

Weight w/o lens     230g

The COX CN series Night vision camera is a thermal imaging camera for vehicles. Outputs images to CVBS and HDMI using an external ECU connected via LVDS. It is suitable for customers who want to drive a vehicle in a situation where there is no light, such as police or military.