Grayess IRT Analyzer

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Built-in image explorer

IRT Explorer is an add-on to IRT Analyzer, which helps to find and to organize infrared images on your computer.

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Image Database

Image database is a special function of IRT Explorer.

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Easy to use integrated workspace

IRT Analyzer incorporates all the instruments you need when working with infrared images in one convenient workspace.

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Flexible image view

IRT Analyzer image view window makes it possible to see even the tiniest details and the smallest changes in temperature.  

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Full range of analysis tools

IRT Analyzer has a complete range of analysis objects; every object is as flexible as possible.

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Sequence analysis; bright, accurate graphs

IRT Analyzer creates accurate and informative diagrams that clearly show the problem.

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Advanced analysis

IRT Analyzer has a number of advanced analysis features, which you usually do not find in other thermography related tools.

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Quick template-based report generation system

IRT Analyzer has an integrated report generation system that can quickly create a detailed, eye-catching thermographic report.

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Real-time recorder and online analysis with direct connection to the camera

IRT Analyzer connects directly to the camera, which allows you to make thermal analysis on online images and to handle them in a convenient way.

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Variety of export options plus special support for Microsoft Office applications

IRT Analyzer is friendly to other applications and can exchange data in a variety of ways:

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Professional thermographic analysis and reporting tool for reasearchers Accurate detailed analysis for professional thermographic engineers, including sequence analysis; Quickly made eye-catching reports in Microsoft Word; Integrated communication for real-time image acquisition, analysis and process control. IRT Analyzer is based on a simple idea: a powerful tool, but comprehensive and easy to use. You have to be quick to be efficient!