Grayess IRT Cronista

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Reports made easy

Create fast and comprehensive high quality reports of your daily work with just one mouse click! Use customized layout templates (MS Word) to match your needs.

Information manager

Management of infrared images, visual images and corresponding image annotations.

Infrared and visual

Easy linking of visual and infrared image - automatic or manual, simply by drag and drop.

Customizable user interface

Professional image analysis

Easy image analysis with multi points and profile lines - preview infrared and corresponding visual image, define temperature range settings and analyze infrared image with points and profiles.

Flexible image view

User-defined digital zoom allows to see single detectors - zoom-in to a single detector to see the smallest details in the image.

Simultaneous analysis on several images

Simultaneous analysis on several images - adjust zoom and work on several infrared images at the same time - easy and pleasant working.

Image Fusion

Analyzing in Fusion view - blend IR image and corresponding visual
image together using Image Fusion technology, making interpretation of your work even easier.


Trend is a graph displaying some object temperature change over time. This is a very convenient tool to show when the problem happened, how it develops and even how it may develop in the future!

More about Trends


A high-quality documentation of your accomplished work is necessary in many areas. Last but not least when it comes to the use of an infrared camera in predictive maintenance, building inspections and research & development.

Seeing a problem with an infrared camera is one thing - in most of the cases you will need to qualify, quantify and document your IR inspection results to determine both the seriousness of the detected problems and the appropriate corrective action.

This is exactly the purpose IRT Cronista was developed for. Create fast and comprehensive high quality reports of your daily work with one mouse click, using customized layout templates to match your needs.

IRT Cronista makes it possible for you to spend more time in the field and less time at the desk - a priceless advantage for all service technicians!

The clearly structured and easy-to-use user interface of IRT Cronista allows intuitive usage of the software and reduces training needs and costs. IRT Cronista offers a wide range of high-quality and powerful analysis tools like multiple measurement points, multiple profile lines, area analysis, automatic Hot Spot detection and many more. Only with IRT Cronista you can accomplish comparative evaluations and trend analysis simultaneously at several images at the same time!

IRT Cronista is a Windows-based software, generating reports in Microsoft Word format - the industry standard word processing platform. This makes it very easy to share reports with colleagues and customers.

IRT Cronista supports a large number of infrared image formats. It is the first  nalysis software that is independent of camera manufacturers. It is compatible with most of the modern infrared cameras as well as with many older models

Thermographic Organizer Analyzer Reporter Fast and comprehensive high quality reports of your daily work with one mouse click; Customized layout templates to match your needs; Clearly structured and easy-to-use user interface; Wide range of high-quality and powerful analysis tools; IRT Cronista is a unique tool for organization of infrared images, their evaluation and generation of significant reports. All functions needed for image management, analysis and report generation are combined in one piece of software.