Tamerisk 320 Core

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Tamarisk®320 90° Atherm product
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Tamarisk®320 60° Atherm product
Tamarisk®320 42° Atherm product
Tamarisk®320 27° Manual Focus product
Tamarisk®320 24° Atherm product
Tamarisk®320 16° Atherm product
Tamarisk®320 15° Manual Focus product
Tamarisk®320 9° Manual Focus product
Tamarisk®320 9° Atherm product
Tamarisk®320 6° Atherm product



Weighing as little as 33 grams, occupying less than 30 cubic centimeters, and drawing as little as 850 mW of power, the Tamarisk® 320 Thermal Camera Core redefines the compact class of thermal cameras.

The first 320 x 240 Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer of its kind, it combines industry-leading 17 μm pixel-pitch, Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) technology with patented advanced absorber superstructure to provide greater sensitivity, improved detection, and unparalleled thermal imagery.

Regardless of lighting conditions, the Tamarisk® 320 produces crystal-clear imagery day and night through smoke, dust, haze, and fog.

Product Features

High-performance, low-power and exceptional thermal imagery in a miniature package