M600 Thermal Hand Scanner

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Features of M600 Thermal Hand Scanner

640×512 high-performance temperature measurement core

Advanced interaction function, visible display of temperature result

Easy-to-use and reliable overall performance

Video of M600 Thermal Hand Scanner

M600 Handheld Thermal Camera is high-resolution and manually focused. It is provided with a built-in self-developed 12μm high-performance 640×512 infrared detector and a 5,000,000-pixel visible light camera of 35 mK thermal sensitivity and 30 Hz high frame rate. With its accurate manual focusing function, it can save focusing time and provide accurate data and clear images to meet the requirements of research and analysis work. With its excellent characteristics, Tianxuan M600 Handheld Thermal Camera is the right-hand assistant for engineers in scientific research, professional equipment, and building inspection. Thermal resolution: 640×512 Temperature resolution: 35mK Measurement accuracy: ±2°C