104I High Resolution Differential Thermometer

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iProbe Advanced Probe Design
The iProbe is an intelligent temperature sensor that can be calibrated independently of the 104i system. To re-calibrate the system you need only exchange the probe with a recently calibrated one. No special equipment is required and there is no down time in the test area.

High Accuracy and Stability
Ultra-stable, highly responsive iProbes are used to provide long term accuracy and repeatability of under 0.010°C.

Battery Operation
Since the netbook supports battery powered operation, the system can be conveniently used without a power supply connection for several hours on a single charge.

Remote Control
The system is equipped with a network server which allows remote monitoring of temperatures from any computer on the network. A client application is provided to allow other PCs to remotely access all features of the 104i Thermometer.

Multi-Function Netbook Computer
The 104i Thermometer features a modern netbook computer attached to an electronics interface module which allows communication with the iProbe.

Real Time Data Logging
The 104i displays both the temperature and a graphical representation of this temperature readout over a period of time.