Boresight Alignment Module

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Two Types of Boresight Alignment Modules
There are two types of Boresight Alignment Modules available from SBIR. The first is designed to be used with one of SBIR’s standard STC Series Collimator Systems. The second is designed to be used on an open air bench configuration.

IRWindows™ 4 Automates the Alignment
When used with IRWindows™5, the alignment testing between sensor and laser is performed automatically. Alignment of the laser to multiple sensors can be measured.

SWIR Camera Provided (Export license required if outside USA)
The SWIR camera that comes with the Boresight Alignment Module images from 850nm up to 2000nm. Note: The BAM is also available with a silicone based camera for systems working between 0.4 and 1.06 microns.

Accurate Retro-reflector
A 1 arc second Retro-reflector is provided to perform accurate calibration of the boresight module.

The Boresight Alignment Module (BAM) is used to co-align multiple imaging systems to each other and to laser transmitters. The BAM consists of a silicon or InGaAs camera rigidly held and combined optically with the target wheel. Through autocollimation, the line of sight of the collimator is transferred to the camera, creating a boresight reference. The laser camera captures laser energy from the UUT laser transmitter. The image of the laser spot is digitized with 12 bit accuracy, a centroiding function is performed by the IRWindows™5 software, and the measured off-set from boresight is reported. Boresighting is the primary test performed with this module, but the BAM is also capable of other beam-profile related tests, including divergence measurement