Infinity Differential Blackbody

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Intelli-Probe (iProbe)
The iProbe from SBIR is an intelligent temperature sensor that is calibrated independently of the blackbody system. To re-calibrate the system you need only exchange the probe with a recently calibrated one. No special equipment is required thus minimizing downtime.

Ultra-stable, highly responsive iProbes are used to provide very precise control and accurate system performance. The iProbes are calibrated to an accuracy of 0.010ºC. System uncertainty including calibration and stability is +/- 0.01ºC or +/- 0.1% of set delta T whichever is greater.

The Infinity blackbody incorporates design and construction features that maximize spatial uniformity and minimize convection influences resulting in typical surface uniformity of > 98% of set differential temperature or 0.010ºC, whichever is greater over 90% of the emitting surface area.

A surface treatment is used to create a spectrally flat emissivity of > 0.970 (3µm to 5.5µm), > 0.950 (8µm to 14µm)

Milli-Kelvin Temperature Stability
SBIR has developed unique temperature measurement and analog-to-digital conversion circuitry with integrated control logic that results in extremely responsive temperature control. True set point and precise milli-kelvin control have been achieved allowing for precision testing at contrast levels of 1 milli-kelvin.

LabVIEW Driver Support
SBIR Infinity blackbodies and integrating spheres can be easily incorporated into your LabVIEW application routines.

Multi-Function Controller
The 19″ 2U rack mountable controller features a touch screen display and supports remote computer control over Ethernet and optional IEEE-488 (GPIB) or RS-232 interfaces.

The controller will also operate all of the SBIR peripherals: target wheels, visible illuminators, pulsed laser diodes, range slides, source slides and filter wheels.

Blackbody controller

Automatic Radiometric Compensation (Optional Upgrade)
Attenuation caused by optics, differences in emissivity, ambient temperature change, and waveband of interest may result in reduced radiometric accuracy. When operating the controller in the radiometric mode, compensation for these factors is automatically applied, adjusting the blackbody as required to produce the correct radiometric output. This option includes a probe block and temperature sensor for accurate ambient temperature measurement.  Read more on radiometric temperature compensation here

IRWindows™ Advanced EO Test and Analysis Tool (Optional Upgrade)
The Infinity Series is optimized for seamless integration with the SBIR’s IRWindows™5 test system. IRWindows™5 is an advanced software tool that automates the setup, execution, data collection and results analysis for industry standard performance testing of infrared, visible and laser sensor systems.

The Infinity Differential Blackbody system includes a temperature controller (19” rack mount or desktop configuration), blackbody head, interconnect cable, power cable and manual. The blackbody heads are available with emitting surface sizes including 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” square. Standard and optional temperature ranges can be viewed in the Specifications section.

Santa Barbara Infrared’s Infinity Series of Differential Blackbodies (DB Series) are designed to support the most critical IR testing requirements. The Infinity blackbodies offer the best performance available. Fast, stable, uniform, accurate and reliable, these blackbody systems provide performance enhancements and features that set them apart from previously available systems.