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Editable Tests

Provides access at the code level for creating new tests and modifying existing test algorithms to satisfy unique test requirements. Only available with optional Programmer Mode.

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Three Modes of Operation
In “Operator Mode” provides a simple interface that allows a test technician to run a pre-defined Test Sequence that includes instructions, photos/video and stores all the test results into the database.

“Developer Mode” allows full development of test configurations, test sequences, UUT definitions, and instructions for the operator. It also allows an experienced test engineer full access to all of the test equipment for manual and automated operation.

“Programmer Mode” (Optional) allows a programmer full access to test definitions, allowing changes to test operation and data analysis while protecting the core test set.

Easy to Use
Using an intuitive graphical user interface, the test engineer can quickly configure and run any of the tests included with IRWindows™5. Data collection and analysis is automated and test results can be printed, saved or exported for further analysis.

Complete Test Solution
IRWindows™ 5 operates under Windows 10 and is delivered as  either a standalone software only option or as a complete system that includes a high-end PC with a remote interface and video capture card options.

Accurate Test Results
Automated testing reduces test time and costs while improving the consistency and accuracy of test results. IRWindows™5 utilizes industry standard test methodologies and analysis techniques to provide the most accurate and complete test system available.

IRWindows™5 from Santa Barbara Infrared is an advanced software tool that automates the setup, execution, data collection and results analysis for industry standard performance testing of infrared, visible and laser systems. IRWindows™5 is the most advanced commercially available IR/EO sensor test software package in the industry today. It operates under Windows™ OS and is delivered installed on a high-end PC computer platform with frame grabber(s) selected to support UUT video formats. It is also available as a software only package. IRWindows™5 combined with SBIR target projectors provides test engineers and technicians a turnkey, automated hardware/software solution for full-spectrum sensor testing. The most significant features that differentiate IRWindows™5 from previous versions are: • Overhauled intuitive GUI with all major functions just one click away • gRPC-based remote interface support for efficient embedding into applications like ATLAS, NI™TestStand and more. There are also several features that are significant evolutions to its existing functionality, including: • Enhanced SQLite database and test reporting software allowing analysts to connect a third party app directly to the database and mine large sets of data for trend analysis • Net-Centric Data Compatibility • Incorporation of several live analysis tools including ROI statistics from previously run test routines, continuous MTF and continuous boresight capabilities.