Laser Test Systems

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Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. offers an extensive family of test systems and components that test and characterize the performance of laser range finders, designators, illuminators and spot trackers. In this section, detailed information is provided for the following: • Laser Rangefinder Test Module (LRTM) to test ranging accuracy and receiver sensitivity. • Boresight Alignment Module (BAM) for aligning multiple infrared, laser and visible imaging systems to the same point in space. • Temporal Energy Module (TEM) provides a method of measuring laser pulse energy, pulse period and pulse width in a single instrument. • Pulsed Laser Diode (PLD) that provides a uniform collimated pulsed laser output at 1064 nm. • Multi-Spectral Source (MSS) which offers both an integrated differential blackbody source with dual pulsed laser sources.