Probes and Cables

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Legacy Blackbody Cable
Standard 10 foot 2000, 2100 Series Blackbody Cable – 100-716-010
Additional lengths available upon request

Target Wheel Cable
Standard 10 foot Legacy 300 Series Target Wheel Cable – 100-717-010
Additional lengths available upon request

Infinity Blackbody Cable
Standard 10 foot Infinity Blackbody Cable – 310-000-187
Standard 25 foot Infinity Blackbody Cable – 310-000-195
Standard 50 foot Infinity Blackbody Cable – 310-000-196

The iProbe is an intelligent temperature sensor that can be calibrated independently of SBIR’s blackbody systems or 104i precision thermometers. These ultra-stable, highly responsive iProbes are used to provide long term accuracy and repeatability of under 0.010°C. Each iProbe incorporates onboard flash memory that allows all calibration constants and calibration date information to be stored independently of the blackbody or thermometer system. This allows iProbes to be exchanged for use on a blackbody or thermometer without any loss in stability or accuracy. To re-calibrate a system you need only exchange the current iProbe with a recently calibrated one. No special equipment is required and there is no down time in the test area. SBIR offers numerous cables and probes for both our Infinity product line and our legacy products. If you do not see a description of the product you are interested in below, please contact the SBIR sales team via phone (805) 965-3669 or email sales@sbir.com for assistance.