RTB 3000 Detector Test Bench

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High Accuracy Testing
SBIR has taken a systems level approach and applied years of IR detector testing expertise in the development of the RTB 3000. State-of-the-art radiometric and optomechanical components give unmatched accuracy and test repeatability.

Easily Reconfigurable
The RTB 3000 achieves a high degree of versatility with a minimum number of components. To reconfigure the system, the user merely places sources and optical modules on the pre-aligned quick-change kinematic mounts, thus minimizing down time between tests. See various test setups below for more information.

Computer Interface
The RTB 3000 is provided with all necessary interfaces to communicate with a host computer featuring IRWindows™ Test Software. Automation in controlling all blackbody temperatures, target and filter selection, spot motion and focus, modulator status, and other parameters is possible via the supplied computer interfaces.

RTB 3000 Compatibility
The RTB 3000 is designed to easily integrate with most data acquisition systems such as Pulse Instruments’ systems. These systems supply the electrical interface to the unit under test (UUT), while the RTB 3000 supplies all necessary radiometric inputs. The powerful, easy-to-use, optional software packages for the RTB 3000 are menu driven and flexible. Hardware and software are modular and easily customized for specific UUTs or non-standard tests.

Dewar Compatibility
The optical system of the RTB 3000 can accommodate virtually all dewar assemblies. The standard bench configuration supports sidelooking dewars, and is easily modified to support downlooking dewars as well.

The RTB 3000 Detector Test Bench from Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR) is a flexible integrated IR detector test station for evaluation of single element detectors, linear arrays, and focal plane arrays. The RTB 3000 provides the radiometric stimulus necessary to perform accurate IR detector testing in both laboratory and production environments. The SBIR system is designed to be integrated with most data acquisition systems to perform the automated tests and analysis required for complete detector characterization. Alternately, the RTB 3000 can interface with the user’s own detector support electronics to perform detector testing and analysis. The blackbody sources and optics of the RTB 3000 are designed to be quickly and accurately reconfigured for flood-mode, focused-mode and collimated-mode testing. Tests such as MTF, crosstalk, spot scan, and D* are easily performed with excellent accuracy and repeatability. The RTB 3000 allows rapid set up and simple documentation of the test configuration, yielding accurate, consistent test results. This integrated approach removes many of the errors associated with set up and alignment of multiple test configurations.