Standard IR Target Projectors

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SBIR offers infrared (IR) target projectors in four standard configurations to satisfy most imaging test requirements. See the table below for standard infrared configurations.

Please note that custom configurations are available. Contact SBIR at 805-965-3669 or sales@sbir.com for applications engineering assistance if the combination you desire is not listed.

Information subject to change without notice.

Santa Barbara Infrared’s 14000Zi Series reflective infrared target projectors are turnkey test systems for electro-optical (E-O) testing of FLIRs and other infrared (IR) imaging systems. The standard target projectors are assembled from SBIR’s STC Series Collimators, Infinity Blackbodies and 300 Series Target Wheels. SBIR also offers a standard athermal target projector with a 5.7° field of view (FOV). With the addition of IRWindows™5 automated test software, SBIR’s infrared and visible target projectors become fully integrated closed-loop automated hardware/software solutions.