Visible Light Source/Integrating Sphere

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Wide Dynamic Range
Luminance level can be easily adjusted via the front panel of the controller or via computer interface (Ethernet, IEEE-488 GPIB or RS-232). Sphere luminance is continuously adjustable over a dynamic range of more than seven orders of magnitude.

Broadband Output
A tungsten halogen light source provides broadband output from 400 to 2400 nm. Optionally, each system can be spectrally characterized during calibration.

Spectral Band Compensation
A software application is included with each system that is used to store spectral curves. This is either set up at the factory or by the user within IRWindows4. This allows the selection of a band pass region to match the UUT response band pass. The set point is automatically adjusted to compensate for the average attenuation as well as the source spectrum in the selected band pass to maintain the correct radiance output level.

Selectable Units for Display and Setpoint
Setpoint and displayed units can be selected from ft Lamberts, Lm/cm2 /sr and µW/cm2 /sr as well as user selectable units.

Detector Auto Zero
Full accuracy of the luminance feedback at low light levels is maintained with automated measurement and compensation of the detector’s dark current.

LabVIEW Driver Support
SBIR Infinity blackbodies and integrating spheres can be easily incorporated into your LabVIEW application routines.

Multi-Function Controller
The controller features a touch screen display and supports remote computer control over Ethernet or RS-232. The controllers are also available with an optional IEEE -488 Interface.The controller will also operate all of the SBIR peripherals: target wheels, visible illuminators, pulsed laser diodes, range slides, source slides and filter wheels.

Automated Testing
The Infinity VSX Series Systems can be operated from the touch screen panel, or via Ethernet, RS-232 and IEEE-488 GPIB interfaces. The Infinity Series is also optimized for seamless integration with the SBIR’s IRWindows™5 test software. IRWindows™5 is an advanced software tool that automates the setup, execution, data collection and results analysis for industry standard performance testing of infrared, visible and laser sensor systems.

The Infinity VSX Series Integrating Sphere systems are ultra uniform, highly accurate broadband light sources. Testing and calibration of CCD cameras, radiometers, photometers, and remote sensing systems are performed easily and accurately with this compact, rugged system SBIR specializes in providing hardware and software solutions that reduce test times and cost, while improving the consistency and accuracy of test results.