Long-Range Multi-Sensor System VZ-500

Product Photo

The VZ-500 is a highly capable and reliable electro-

optical infrared (EO/IR) multi-sensor camera system with

continuous zoom capabilities. The VZ-500 is a cost-effective,

compact, mid-range surveillance system that is used in a

variety of security applications, such as protecting critical

infrastructure, securing borders, airports and ports of entry.

The GD VZ-500 family has proven its value, utility and reliability,

serving worldwide for over a decade. This newest addition

builds on its trusted ancestry with a more capable EO sensor

and lens that offers an upgrade path to EO HD with an optional

IP interface. In standard definition (SD), the sensor offers

upgraded EO performance and features over previous SD on

existing infrastructure with the option of extending to HD.

Featuring a proprietary, ruggedized design and cooled sensor

technology, the VZ-500 captures precise target signatures

in Mid-Wave IR, day or night and in color during daylight and

transition. The VZ-500 includes an integrated precision 2 axis

positioning system with high reliability direct drive architecture.

General Dynamics Mission Systems designs and

manufactures a full portfolio of high-performance cameras

and camera systems that provide our customers the

clarity, accuracy and reliability to capture the shot that

matters and successfully complete their mission.