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Developed by short-wave infrared specialists, New Imaging Technologies, the WiDySenS is a versatile VGA resolution InGaAs camera core with powerful capabilities for a wide variety of applications. Dual-response modes allow users to switch between LIN (linear) mode for maximum sensitivity in low light situations and LON (logarithmic) mode for maximum dynamic range in variable or inconsistent imaging conditions.

The camera also features powerful gated imaging functionality for niche applications in security, surveillance, counter UAS, 3D mapping and more.

As an authorized reseller, Sierra-Olympia Technologies offers superior service and integration capabilities on these highly capable InGaAs specialty cameras across QVGA, VGA, and HD resolutions.

The WiDySenS is a unique short-wave infrared camera core with both linear and logarithmic response modes that deliver high-sensitivity, high dynamic range imaging capabilities.