SUPPLIERS OF ADVANCED SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS RVision manufactures technologically-advanced, environmentally hardened video products and physical security solutions to government and private sectors. They have developed a number of product models incorporating successive improvements, leading to their current emphasis on sophisticated, environmentally-rugged, pan/tilt/zoom optical and infrared cameras, hardened processors, custom tactical video hardware, software solutions, and related technologies integrated to meet physical security requirements of government and commercial customers. Vision products incorporate both infrared and daylight optical dual sensors, scene awareness detection algorithms, and an all-weather, multiple-sensor surveillance platform with the ability to pan/tilt/zoom in all directions. RVision markets and integrates waterside, land-based, and mobile mounted security systems that meet the security requirements of facilities such as military bases, military and commercial ports, drilling rigs, power and petrochemical plants, airports, and water treatment facilities. Infratherm are the exclusive regional representatives.

Products Offered

Rvision MINI HP

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Rvision DUAL HP

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Rvision CARBIDE 16

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