Jet Protect ActiveSentryTM

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ActiveSentryTM is an all-weather, autonomous perimeter and interior

detection system designed to protect against breaches and monitors the

airfield for OFA (Object Free Areas) violations and emergency events.

The mission is accomplished using a fully integrated solution combining

radar, EO/IR cameras, and bore-sighted high intensity illuminators in

conjunction with geographically aligned analytics. 100% visual coverage

of the property is accomplished with strategic placement of cameras and


ActiveSentryTM consists of three layers working together to complete the

task of protecting staff, passengers, airport facilities and assets:

Layer 1

cSENTRYTM – Continuous monitoring of all movements for up to

seven square miles by fusing radar and multi-spectral camera sensors.

The high torque pan/tilt positioner offers precision tracking capability.

Situational awareness with integrated analytic and archiving software.

Layer 2

CortexTM – Site software communicates with cSENTRYs and

existing sensors at the site. Cortex correlates all the sensors, determines

the detected object’s unique identifier, where the targets are on the map,

checks the zones and rules, and issues alerts.

Layer 3

LieutenantTM – Security & Safety

responders receive instant alerts, geo-

locations, and pictures of trespassers.

Operations personnel have access to the

command, control, coordination and video of

the system through Cortex and directly from

the sensors.

Automated Safety and Security