Jet Protect CsentryTM

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Features 1.7 Mile Line-of-Sight Operation

Radar & Camera Detection Authoritative Photonic Deterrence

Embedded Processor & DVR55W Detection, 55W Illumination

20’ Mast, Integrated Lowering System

IP Ethernet Communicationc

SENTRY™ Elements

VFR Chase XDetection – Tracking – Deterrence

FMCW Radar Ranges, 50m to 2.8Km


Chase 8™ Precision Stacking Pan/TiltCL3500™

Illuminator & DeterrentChaseServer™ Software

EDGE Processor

Ethernet – PoE 802.3af*

CataPult20™20’ Sensor Platform w/ Lowering System

Integrated PoE Radio

2 Man Installation,

1 Man Maintenance

Burial or Non-Penetrating Base

Cortex™ Site Correlation Software

Sensor FOV Alignment

Zones & Defined Rules

Alert and Action Processor

Lieutenant™ Client C3V Software


iPad and iPhone

cSENTRY™ AUTOMATIC DETECTION, TRACKING & DETERRENCE Radar Plus Thermal, Near-IR and Visible Cameras Co-Aligned Safety and Security for Valuable Properties & Remote Assets Photonic Deterrence™ Bore Sighted to Cameras